There are many skin care myths floating around there, but here are 11 common ones you’ve probably heard of at one point in time.

Let’s finally put them to bed.

Myth #1 Lips Do Not Sunburn – False

Just like any area on the body, the lips are vulnerable to UVA/UVB rays. Therefore, it’s important to use a lip balm with an SPF in it and apply regularly when out in the sun.

Myth #2 If you have oily skin, you don’t need to moisturize – False

As discussed in another post, moisturizers benefit anyone with skin. The key component of a moisturizer for your skin type is to keep your skin nourished  + balanced, so make sure you are including one in your daily skincare routine.

Myth #3 Water Resistant Sunscreen Lasts All Day – False

There is no such thing as a SPF (water resistant or otherwise) that lasts all day. SPF only protects the skin for 2 hours and needs to be reapplied. If you are in the water, then every 40-80 minutes is the golden standard.

Myth #4 “Dermatologist Tested” Makes a Product Trustworthy – False

The term “dermatologist tested” is not an actual certification. It’s used in marketing to get you to trust a product and not endorsed by the FDA or American Academy of Dermatology. There is no way to identify the source of the claim, so proceed with caution.

Myth #5 It is Good for Skin to Feel Tight–False

If your skin is feeling tight, then it is usually a sign it has stripped your skin barrier of all the natural oils. You need these oils to maintain its overall health. Skin should feel pliable and not so tight is will crack if you move it.

Myth #6 Make-up Makes You Age Faster–False

If you are using a good quality make-up on your skin, it cannot make up age faster. However, not washing your face at night can lead to breakouts or other issues with your skin and keep you from not doing your nightly routine, which can be less time spent helping repair your skin.

Myth #7 Pores Can Open + Close–False

Pores are always open so heat+cold cannot affect them. When steam is applied, the sebum is softened, allowing it to be extracted easier while cold helps contract the blood vessels in overheated skin.

Myth #8 All tanning is hazardous for your skin–False

Just like anything, too much sun is not good for your skin’s health. Sunlight activates vitamin D which is important to keep bones strong and can lower certain cancers and increase immunity function. The important thing is to make your you are applying SPF regularly + not going out in peak sun times. This avoids getting very dark (a sign your skin is damaged) and burned (damage to the cells).

Myth #9 Exfoliating daily is essential for healthy skin–False

Another skin myth is our skin needs daily exfoliation in order to maintain that glow. Your skin is a great and complex organ and unless you are not using other quality skincare products, your need to exfoliate on the reg is unnecessary. Opt for 1 to 2 times a month and use other products that give your skin that glow like bogl’s ‘A’ Game or C+E Trifecta.

Myth #10 Junk Food + Chocolate Causes Acne – False

Sugar and processed foods are culprits in causing inflammation in the system, however there is no direct link between chocolate or junk food to acne. Acne is largely hereditary and while some foods like dairy, gluten and other highly inflammatory foods can make acne worse, they are not the direct cause. With the help of a professional, more digging can be done to help combat a severe acne issue.

Myth #11 You Don’t Need SPF if Your Make-up/Moisturizer has SPF – False

Even if your makeup or moisturizer has SPF, you still need to apply a regular SPF. This is because you need at least 1 teaspoon of sun protection for your face, neck, chest and ears. Most people are not applying make-up in those places, so you have areas that are unprotected. Also, SPF is not cumulative, so using a makeup with 15 and a SPF with 15 does not make it 30 SPF.