What is mandelic acid

Mandelic acid is a type of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) derived from bitter almonds and is commonly used for age management + to treat acne. Its molecule is larger than that of other acids (such as glycolic and salicylic acid) and therefore, slightly gentler on the skin. Many skin types + conditions can use mandelic + is considered safe even if you have a nut allergy. Generally, there aren’t any nut proteins present to cause a reaction, but always check with your doctor if unsure.

Benefits to using mandelic acid

Some of the big bennies to using mandelic are brightening, skin resurfacing + collagen production. Because of the larger molecule in the acid, it penetrates slowly as it gets between dead layers of skin cells. This helps them to detach from the skin in a gentle way. Mandelic can help dry up the occasional zit by clearing debris and impacted gunk. If there is existing scaring from past breakouts, mandelic can help the cell turnover to produce a brighter complexion. It’s even so mild, you can use for breakouts during pregnancy.

Downside to Mandelic Acid

Like any AHA, there is a chance for irritation, but it’s rare. If you find yourself with any itchiness, tenderness, redness or any other type of irritation, you could be using it too much. Try to ease up on the number of times per week and see if that helps in any way. If using bogl® Double Duty, contact us so we can help you through the issues.

How to use

Depending on the product and if it’s formulated with other actives or ingredients will depend largely on how you use it + the intended outcome. With bogl® Double Duty dual action serum (formally ManD-5) we suggest using every other day at night for the first two weeks to allow the skin to get used to the product. This way, if any irritation occurs, you can scale back as the skin acclimates.  Some people are able to use it nightly on week three, but it’s important to remember your skin care is a fluid situation. What you may be able to do one week, you may not be able to the following due to sleep, nutrition, stress + weather.

Sum it up

The benefits of mandelic acid can be a wonderful addition to your skin care routine if you need a little boost in your skin. It’s safe + gentle enough to provide many benefits such as refining texture, helping with past dark scars + the occasional breakout. Not sure where to start? Email me at vicky@boglskin.com to get a helping hand!