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5 skin tips for spring

Spring is almost here! Here are 5 tips to get your skin ready.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to shed my sweaters for much lighter fare. Much like our clothes, we should also switch up our skincare routine + makeup to match the season. Here's 5 ways to help get you on the path to healthy skin from winter to spring.


Again, like your clothes, products should be switched out for much lighter versions. Think water-based, especially if you're acne prone.

Cleansers-If your skin gets shinier in the spring and summer, switch to a pH balanced gel cleanser like bogl's Fresh+Clean Face Wash. This low-suds gel will help to rinse away the day without striping the oils needed on the skin.

Moisturizers-Also, switching to a less heavy moisturizer can help prevent breakouts as the skin acclimates to the new weather. I find this is especially true with people with oilier skin, however if you've been using something super heavy like a balm or oil because you have dry skin, then switching to a cream would be the change you would need.

Makeup-In the winter, our skin sweats less so powders are better options for make-up, but as spring approaches, the skin glows more. Sometimes switching to a cream foundation or a BB or CC cream can do wonders because it's more forgiving on the skin where powder can hang out in smile lines and grooves. No thank you!


As is true at any time of the year, hydration is key to healthy skin. Make sure you are getting enough water (the Mayo Clinic suggests 15.5 cups for men + 11.5 cups for women per day). Sorry coffee doesn't count. *dang* Actually, if you're drinking coffee, make sure to increase your water intake by two cups, as coffee is a diaeretic and can put you in a negative. Opt for drinking at least 1-2 cups BEFORE your morning cup of joe to get ahead of the game.


If you're not regularly wearing SPF, now is the time to up that usage. Most likely your sun exposure will increase, so even if your make-up has SPF in it, you'll need additional coverage. In order to get the amount of sun protection from your makeup alone, you will need to apply at least 1 to 1.5 TEASPOONS to your face and neck to get adequate coverage. I don't know about you, but that's A LOT of make-up! Also, most of us are not applying make-up on our ears or back of the neck, so make sure you are using SPF first before your makeup. You can check out our full line here.

Vitamin C is a great free radical fighter and can help with any transition of the seasons. We also start to lose vitamin C in our skin as we age, so applying topically to your skin is a great habit to get into. bogl's C+E Trifecta can be a great addition! It is lightweight, has 3 different types of time-released vitamin C and is formulated with vitamin E for better absorption. It's nourishing enough that some can use it as a moisturizer as well. Double bonus!


Who doesn't love a good purge of things? I know I do! Spring is a fantastic reason to hit a reset button on all the things beauty related. If you use makeup brushes, pull them all out and give them a good scrub-a-dub-dub! You can use a mild cleanser, like our Fresh+Clean Face Wash or Dr. Bronner's Unscented Castille Soap.

Go into your cabinets + drawers and pull out all your make-up and beauty products. Toss the ones that are clearly expired and donate the ones you don't think you'll ever use, like to Project Beauty Share. They are an organization who provides personal hygiene, cosmetics and beauty products to non-profit organizations who serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness and poverty to help restore hope and dignity in their lives. They accept new or gently used products. Check out their website for details.


Email me + let me know! I'm happy to help guide you in this seasonal transition! Sign up here if you want to know about my new course, SKIN ACADEMY coming soon to a computer near you! With this course, you'll be able to determine your skin type, go through your current products + purge what you don't need, learn to decipher common ingredients and walk away with a skin care routine for your skin! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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