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Habit Stacking your Way into a Skincare Routine

Let's chat about a great strategy called habit stacking + skincare. It's can be a game-changer when it comes to building ANY new habits and maximizing your productivity or achieving your goals.

In order to habit stack, you link a new behavior you want to incorporate into your daily life with an existing habit. When you piggyback the new habit onto something you already do automatically, you increase the chances of making it stick! Can I get an AMEN!

So what does this have to do with skin care?

Well... if you want to start a skincare routine in the morning, you could stack it onto your existing habit of brushing your teeth. So every time you brush those chompers, you follow it up with your new skincare routine. It's a simple tweak that creates a powerful new habit!

Here are six ideas to get you started:


  • Morning coffee + skincare: While you enjoy your cup of joe, take a few minutes to apply your skincare products. It's a relaxing and refreshing way to kick-start your day!


  • After workout + skincare: After getting your sweat on, make it a habit to follow up with a skincare routine. Your post-workout glow will be enhanced by glowing skin too!


  • PJs/home attire + skincare: This one is my favorite! When you get home and get all cozy, wash your face and do your skincare routine BEFORE doing anything else. You'll have that out of the way and ready to get your chill + Netflix on.


  • Evening TV time + skincare: If you love winding down with your favorite TV show, use that time to pamper your skin. Apply your skincare products during commercial breaks or while watching your favorite episodes. (I have a box of my must have items that I take with me to the couch and apply there.)


  • Shower ritual + skincare: Incorporate skincare into your shower routine. Wash your face in the shower with our Fresh +Clean facial wash.  After showering, when your skin is still slightly damp, apply moisturizer or other products that work best on damp skin, like our Hydra+ or Skin Bliss facial oil. It saves time and locks in moisture!


  • Bedtime reading + skincare: If you enjoy reading before bed, add skincare to your bedtime routine. Apply your night cream or any restorative products while immersing yourself in a good book.


Remember, habit stacking is all about finding an existing habit and using it as an anchor to build a new one. It's an efficient way to form new habits without feeling overwhelmed. 😊 Choose the habits that work best for you and make skincare a consistent part of your day.

Now, I'd love to know, what new habit are you looking to add to your daily routine? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let's support each other on our habit stacking journey! 🌟💪

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If you have any other questions you can always reach me via email at vicky@boglskin.com or through the socials like Insta, Tiktok or FB. 😊🌟

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