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Moisturizers + how they help the skin

Ever wonder if you REALLY need a moisturizer and how they help the skin? And if so, what kind?

Let's take a deeper look at what types of moisturizers there are, the effects + benefits, and how to determine what type you need.


There are three types of moisturizers and they can come in gel, lotion, cream, or oil forms. They are the second to last layer (SPF would be the last thing if it's during the day) after applying all of the goods to the skin. Think of them as your jacket before going outside.

Humectants draw moisture to the skin from the air around them. Typically, lightweight in texture and feel, they usually absorb into the skin quickly. Great for an oilier skin or someone that doesn't like the weight of moisturizer (like my hubby). Think hyaluronic acid, honey, glycerin and aloe as key ingredients.

Emollients are creamy in consistency and work to fill cracks in the skin to create a protective barrier on the skin's surface and also help to make the skin appear smoother. They are great for normal to dry skins and for those in drier climates. They are composed of fatty acids like squalene, shea butter and collagen, to name a few.

Occlusives are typically balms used to seal in moisture like shea butter, petroleum, some oils and beeswax. They are designed to be sealers and prevent the further loss of moisture in the skin. Think about the growing trend of #slugging.

Benefits of Moisturizer

There are two main bennies when it comes to moisturizer and two potential ones (depending on what you're looking for):

Protection- As discussed above, moisturizers protect the skin from water loss and daily life's exposures.

Hydration- When the skin is exposed to the air, we lose much needed moisture. The right moisturizer can help by giving our skin the right levels based on skin type and the area in which we live.

Age Management- If you're in that season of life, a moisturizer can offer additional benefits besides just protection and hydration. Try looking for ones with a form of vitamin A and/or peptides like our Powerhouse Moisturizer formulated with copper tri-peptides and other fantastic ingredients for age management.

Brightening- Moisturizers with vitamin C can not only help keep those precious dew drops in the skin but also work to lighten dark spots by repairing the cells from the inside out. bogl's C+E Trifecta can provide double duty in someone wanting a light moisturizer and the antioxidant fighters of both vitamin C+E.

Which one do I need?

Remember, we mentioned the different forms moisturizers could come in? Below are moisturizer types with their most typical corresponding skin type.



Oily to normal skin/combo skin



Combo skin to dry skin



Dry skin 



Normal to dry skin

Still not sure what you need? Email me and let's figure it out together! Everyone can benefit from a moisturizer, it's a matter of finding the one right for your skin.



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