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Why bogl® chose the Emilio Nares Foundation:

In 1998, they diagnosed my sister Angie with ALL, a type of leukemia. She was 17 at the time and fought long and hard for four years. Unfortunately, in 2002, she succumbed to the disease and passed two months before her 22nd birthday. It's been almost 20 years since she passed away from leukemia. She's almost been gone as long as she walked the earth, which is a crazy thought.

She and I often talked about owning a spa together that would be the ultimate retreat (she was a massage therapist + a damn good one too!). When she died, I said if I ever own a business, I would try to help others in need.

As I was creating bogl® I was racking my brain on what foundation to donate to. One day, as I was driving around San Diego, I saw a van with the Emilio Nares Foundation logo on it.  I was intrigued, so I looked them up. It turns out Emilio had the same type of leukemia as my sister, and they were sick around the same time. The Emilio Nares Foundation is an organization that helps children with leukemia and other life-threatening illnesses get to and from treatment appointments. It just seemed so serendipitous, so here we are. Plus, my sister LOVED kids and would help my mom out at the preschool she ran, so it seemed fitting.

When you make a purchase, a portion of your sale goes directly to ENF to help a child get the treatments they deserve. Every purchase supports this wonderful organization and the children they help each and every day.

To learn more about this phenomenal organization, visit enfhope.org.

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