Ever wonder if you could help your skin look and feel younger from the inside out? Well, you can with these 5 easy ways to support your skin. Try to incorporate one to two for starters, eventually doing all five or even more!

  • Eat healthy foods rich in antioxidants and from healthy sources of protein and fats such as fatty fish like salmon, olive and avocado oils, green tea and all the colors of the rainbow in veggies. Make sure you drink water as an addition to this healthy habit!
  • Stay physically active with walking, running, or working out. Any form of movement promotes increased blood flow, which eliminates waste and keeps skin cells looking healthy. Research has shown exercise may help prevent telomeres (the caps at the end of chromosomes that are responsible for aging) to slow down and therefore help us look younger.
  • Get plenty of sleep each night. Typically, the average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep, which during this time the body repairs itself. Without enough sleep, under eye bags may form, puffiness may occur and eyes can become bloodshot, so be sure to get those zzzz’s!
  • Avoid chronic overindulgence. Even with the holidays, it’s ok to enjoy some holiday cheer! It’s when this way of living becomes a standard that it becomes a problem. Try to limit the amount of alcohol and sugary desserts to just a few every so often, so your body has time to flush out the fun in between.
  • Wear sunscreen year-round + use good skincare made for your skin type. Most of the damage to the skin is because we only wear SPF in the summer months. Free radicals are ever present and therefore SPF is a must! Also, be sure you are using skincare that is made for you and what your skin is going through at this present time. Winter months may require more hydrating products vs. summer months. Seek out a professional to help you out!

Don’t have one? Email me and we can get you started with a simple, effective solution to fit your #skingoals.