Can I get results at home?

The short answer? YES, absolutely! Your skin cells typically recycle about every 28 days, so giving it some love once a month will help your skin out!  A monthly facial will provide you with a deep cleansing of your pores and skin toning.  The only time this can vary is if you are doing a series (usually with an in-person pro), which in this case you would go in more often for a short period of time before you move to a maintenance schedule.

How can I tell if I have healthy skin?

If your skin is healthy, your face will have:

  • Even color: Blotchiness, spots, and dark circles can be signs of unhealthy skin.
  • Smooth Texture: Acne, pimples, and bumps may indicate unhealthy skin.
  • Hydration: Dry, flaky skin can signal a problem.
  • Normal sensations: Itchy or burning skin is not a good sign.

Recent changes in skin’s characteristics can also indicate that you have unhealthy skin.

When should I go to a professional?

When seeking out a pro to address your skin, you get more specialized care for your situation.  Following a protocol set forth by your esthetician can help rejuvenate tired-looking skin. When you get a facial from an esthetician, she can examine your skin for issues and help you design an at-home skin care regimen that will keep your skin looking refreshed and healthy longer. Also, whether you opt for regular facials or facial treatments, both can result in clearer and healthier skin.