Who says you can’t get glowing skin at home!?!

As our world has changed, so is the way we treat the skin. You no longer have to be in the same room for me to be able to help you! Together we can find what works best for your skin.  There is a little prep involved, but it’s so worth it to have someone guide you through the skincare mine field!

Is your skin feeling oh, so crunchy? Unsure if your current skin care regimen is really the right one for you? Welcome to the facial: HOME EDITION!

What You’ll Get

  • Customized Facial in a box (cleanser, enzyme, mask and moisturizer)
  • One-on-One Time with Yours Truly thru ZOOM
  • A Professional Skin Care Plan
  • Amazing Results!

The results of your facial will be more beneficial if you establish a home-care routine. This is SUPER important!

While a facial can be a treat, if you want to get results, this is where the magic happens! You wouldn’t pay for a personal trainer and then drive thru McDonald’s on your way home, would you? (Ok, maybe I’ve done that…not the point.) After your facial, I will guide you in the creation of a home-care plan. I take the time to discuss your current skin care treatment and offer suggestions to improve your at-home plan. Together we find the solution that is right for you and your budget.

I use only high-quality, professional skin care products, including Osmosis Skin Care™ and Skin Script™, along with my own personal line, Clean Slate Skin Care™ to customize your facial to ensure positive results. #skincaregoals

ONE-ON-ONE not your cup of tea? No problem!

I have facials in a box you can do at home anytime or you can join me on Instagram and follow along for Fun Facial Fridays.