Clean Slate Waxing Kit


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Use daily to prevent ingrown hairs from forming. Does not contain any parabens or alcohol and is cruelty free.

6 in stock

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A great little kit with a one, two punch! Includes a dry brush and spray to tackle those unsightly ingrown hairs. A gentle way to the skin whether it be from shaving waxing, or some other form of hair removal. Formulated to be used everyday without the use of alcohol, but instead using fruit enzymes to effectively remove dead skin cells. Just brush, spray and go!

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  1. Lauren

    My skin is super sensitive and shaving (especially bikini line) would always leave me with irritation. I have tried waxing, same problem and costly. Because of the natural components in this spray, I decided to give this a try. I spritz this on after shaving and it has alleviated the irritation! My boyfriend also uses the spray and brush combo for ingrown hairs between his thighs. I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with ingrown hairs and irritation after shaving.

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