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Time Machine is a must have for your skin care routine! This treatment contains 10 synergistic age technologies to help with premature aging and devitalized, sluggish skin. Time Machine helps shield skin from ‘aging’ light from near UV light such as phones, tablets and computer screens. Protects against glycation and helps restore elasticity to overall skin health. Helps restore cellular communication and accelerate the recovery damaged cells while energizing, protecting and hydrating the skin.

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1 review for Time Machine Skin Treatment

  1. Linda Espinoza

    I have just started using this to help my skin during the day due to being on the computer and exposed to uv light all day. I use it after putting on the calm down serum that I use for acne and rosacea. At 66 years young I am looking to protect my skin from the effects of uv light. Great product!

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