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Calm Down Redness Relief Serum

Calm Down Redness Relief Serum

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Manage your redness with this beauty.

Cool the redness with this calming serum

Calm Down is the ultimate redness relief serum designed to help visibly reduce the signs of flushing, chronic redness and other aggravating factors. This serum helps cool down heat activated skin with the aid of date seeds and niacinamide. Calm Down Redness Relief Serum utilizes peptide complexes to aid in clearer and healthier looking skin. Great for those with skin conditions resulting in redness, tenderness + sensitivity, pustular or dry flakiness and chronic puffiness.


Apply 1-2 pumps only AM+PM to clean, dry skin. Allow to absorb fully before proceeding with routine.

Key Ingredients

  • Niacinamide
  • Date seed extract
  • Helichrysum italicum extract
  • Glycerin
  • Glycyrrhiza inflata root extract
  • Eyeliss™

Additional Info / Contraindications

A great combo with  C+E Trifecta.

Do not use on broken or overly inflamed skin.

PRO Tips

Helps relieve sunburn redness!

Get the Skin Assist Kit to help with all your sensitive/redness needs.

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